A look back at 2016. The year in pictures.


We like to view the new year as a blank slate.

A fresh start.

Twelve months filled with over a hundred shoots, hundreds of thousands of kilometers travelled, memories with wonderful people and a myriad of opportunities to compile striking photos for you to click through, pause and continue clicking through.

Yep, that’s how we like to view the new year.

But before we go into 2017, we thought we’d round up our favorite things that happened visually: dog ring bearers, tears of joy, beautiful wedding gowns and stunning sunsets.

We’re calling it the Year in Pictures.

Here we go…

We started the year with a beautiful bride in a destination wedding in Goa, India.
Year in Pictures Goa Destination Wedding
And continued on with one beautiful couple after another.
Year in Pictures Pre Wedding Photo
Filling the year with so much love.
Year in Pictures Pre wedding session
Because the only thing we ever really want is to be loved by someone, with the same ferocity in which we love. 
Year in Pictures Bridal Portrait
Including being loved by man’s best friend. Who says only humans can be part of the wedding entourage?
But you will still need your bestfriends to help you keep it together #squadGoals
And what’s a year without having a wedding in the iconic Burj Al Arab?
And making the small things unforgettable such as this gorgeous wedding gown.
So why not throw a horse in as well?
Some of the best moments in life is finally finding the arms that will hold you.
And going through life’s colors together.
Always believing that no matter what happens, a day can end beautifully as long as you have each other.
So here’s to a new beginning. New chances and even more beautiful pictures.
We’re ready for you 2017. Bring it on.