Reliving your wedding day, on your wedding day… the Same Day Edit


Weddings are hectic, frenzied, crazy, beautiful and memorable. If you’re the bride or groom, and a hands on one at that, you’ll be short of crazy on your wedding day. You’ll be so busy getting dolled up, worrying if the weather would be as forecasted, thinking if they got the flowers’ color right and being so excited that you’ll feel like you’re floating and won’t notice every detail that happened. During the preparation if you’re the bride, you won’t know what the groom is up to. If you’re the groom, you won’t get to see how crazy your bride got. And if you’re the guest, you won’t know the effort and the fun and everything that went on before the ceremony and the reception. Enter the same day edit.

A same day edit, or an SDE as we prefer to call it, is a short video highlight that is produced on location (shot and edited) and then shown on the reception of the wedding day, to the surprise, and delight of the couple and the guests! It’s edited much like a wedding film – cinematic, creative and artistic. It creates such a buzz and it adds a new, cool dimension to your wedding day. We call it an “experience” because we believe that it will one of the most amazing experiences that you will have on your wedding day, as it is to us, each and every time.

With Itsoura, we are one of, if not the first, to offer it in Dubai and the UAE in ALL our wedding packages. So sit back, enjoy, laugh and cry as you relive your wedding day, on your wedding day.

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