A peek into the Itsoura headquarters and photography studio

A desk is a desk is a desk.
Unless it’s in a light-filled workspace with a couch in front of a 60-inch TV, netflix and an unlimited supply of blueberry muffins.
Then it’s a really nice desk.
Because we’ll be spending 8 hours of our day here, in front of our computers looking at wedding pictures, editing, shooting and editing more weddings, we made sure our photography studio is a place of creativity, comfort and hard to read wall clocks.
It’s the kind of place where the music is jazzy (intermittently interrupted by Jandoy’s hard metal music), the lights are dim and everyone wants a picture on the La Chaise chair.
It’s pretty simple inside. White cement walls with an inspiring (yet subtly threatening) message.
Random conversations about Dr. Who will echo off the walls.
And because the best brainstorming sessions usually happen outside the confines of a desk and a whiteboard, there’s a long board and hoverboard so we don’t get tired of pacing back and forth.
So come by and chat with us, there’s so  much coffee and sunlight in our new HQ for global dominance.

Come on in, we’re awesome.

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