Baby Photography Dubai | Valeska Deandra

A couple of months ago, we did Daryl’s maternity photography here. When she finally gave birth and approached us for their Baby Photography, we were honored for them to entrust their precious little one’s memories to us!She was just a couple of months old in this shoot and she was just an adorable, little chinita angel that we just ooh’d and aah’d the whole time. I mean, aren’t babies just the cutest thing with those little feet and little hands and little everything? :-DBaby photography, contrary to what people may think, is the difficult. Unlike adults, who you can pretty much give instructions to, well, obviously you can’t do that with babies ­čÖé You have to work around their moods, sleeping time, eating time, burping time, etc. so the shoot pretty much took the whole day. We didn’t mind though as it was fascinating to watch her smile in her sleep. And did I mention she had the cutest little feet and hand and nose and everything? It was amazing to see how tiny she was compared to the little head ribbons her mommy brought with them.

A couple of hours and pizza boxes later, we finally wrapped up the shoot with little baby Valeska and below are the pictures from the photoshoot!

Baby Photography Dubai
Baby Pictures
Dubai babe
Dubai babies
Valeska Deandra
Valeska Deandra Canceko
Baby shoot
Baby photoshoot